About Me

A passionate lover of art, ideas, typography, collage, and graphic design, you can find a sample of my artwork on this site in the form of client projects, personal work and hobbies.
   My interests include: New media, Doctor Who, science fiction, Steampunk, faux physics, my husband, my dog, philosophy, music, VR, and general geekery.

About My Artwork

My personal work mostly consists of digital collages made from found imagery and photography, sometimes including portions of classical works of art.
The pieces can range from absurd characters and scenes in neutral sepia to full blown colorful, surreal melanges of vintage and pop art images, art and photography, that are spliced together, often with no visible seams, to create holistic, bold, impactful artworks that evoke some unsolvable mystery.
   Mankind has made a basic scientific error in it’s understanding of Nature; or perhaps it’s a cultural influence in our scientific view that’s led us onto a self-degrading path. Damaging bees, for example, damages us.
   We need to go beyond the illusion that we are separate from nature. One cannot be an objective observer when one is part of the observed experiment. Realizing we’re part of it can give us room to pause, to breathe, and to go forward with accuracy and increased respect for the natural world of which we are part. Knowledge with self awareness is key.
   These themes currently drive my imagination.
~ Terry Lightfoot


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